About BDHC

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. -Buddha

Who is BDHC?

Blu Dream Health Collective is the start of a journey to better our community and address invisible illnesses, mental health, healthcare equality, and other patient issues while working towards goals, breaking stigmas and linking resources. The founder of BDHC is Misti Blu from mistibludream.com.

BDHC aims to address health stigmas, medical bias, healthcare inequality, and other important topics with health advocates, authors, and healthcare providers. This includes a digital magazine, social media platforms, podcast, and publishing. Misti hopes to help share your story, whether it is through YOUR published book, a magazine article, or a podcast episode. Every story matters! Together we can make a difference and help make our community more visible and heard.

BDHC is a seedling but hopes to sprout and grow. The goal is to provide resources, support, education for patients, loved ones and physicians, and help individuals to find a sense of community.


Blu Dream Health Collective helps fund mental health services to those in need. We will soon be accepting applications.

BDHC offers two individual scholarships each year for Spring and Fall terms. Scholarships are granted to students who struggle with mental health or chronic illness.

One annual entrepreneur grant to an individual with chronic illness, disability, or mental illness.

Mental Health

Mental health has always been tied to stigmas and is something that most people tuck away and hide, sweeping it under the rug until they just can’t deal anymore. This results in self-medicating, isolation, low self-worth, anger and loss of control. Being able to manage your depression, PTSD and other mental health issues are crucial for your wellbeing.

Blu Dream Health Collective wants to provide a safe atmosphere for people to learn how to cope and work through their thoughts. This is a tool that is important to learn in life that many of us never get the opportunity to have. It is time to shed light on mental health so that we the people can leave the darkness and find help without fear. Mental health needs to be addressed before it becomes critical or too late.

Together we share our stories through collective platforms: social media, blogs, podcasts, digital magazine issues, books, and other published media. Each story makes a difference in our community through education, advocacy, and awareness. 

How You Can Help

BDHC thanks you for your patience as I work on growing this dream. Please feel free to contact me to add volunteer opportunities, support groups, questions or concerns, and keep checking back. You can also make a donation here.