Bonus Episode: What is your body trying to tell you?

It is so important to learn how to get tuned into your body. Sometimes we all just get carried away with life and run through the motions. We put things on the back burner and the next thing you know, days turn into weeks that turns into years. We never know our own baseline because we can’t comprehend the changes second by second. Only others can see the changes in us, as they see lapses in time and how we morphed since the last time they saw us.

I challenge you to be mindful of what your norm is and what your body’s baseline is. Don’t be a stranger to your own body. Don’t you have folders in your office for important things like school, taxes, or work? What about your health? Think about planning a wedding. It is one special day and we spend a year or two with a planner, folders, Pinterest boards, and magazines—but when it comes to our own health, we don’t even make half that effort. Why is that? It’s time to change this mentality.

I am going over a few common signs that can be visible. These signs are your intelligent body’s way of saying, “hey! Look at me!” It’s waving a red flag.


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